April 27, 2009

How to Reset Catridge HP 27,28,21 and 22

For 21 and 22 Catridge
Step for both catridge is same

1.Open printer cover,unplug the catridge which want to be resetted

2.Using tape, cover the top pin, at the second rows from the left (No1)

3.Plug in catridge to the printer,close the printer cover . Ignore if there are “Catridge(s) incorrectly installed”
Wait until printer movement stop!!

4.Unplug recenly catridge again, now cover using tape the top second rows pin from the right (no2)

Keep the first pin covered!!!

5.Plug catridge. Wait until stop moving

6.Unplug recent catridge , clean the tape from both pins

7.Plug catridge, its already resetted

For 27 and 28 Catridge
For 27 catridge , the steps is same with above

for 28 catridge At 4th step, pin which covered is diferrent, top pin, first from right .

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April 06, 2009

Canon IP1700 resetter

Free iP1700 - iP1300 Ink waste resetter below,

Canon iP1700 - iP1300 Service tools

Or use i iP tool. Download iP tool, Switch printer on "service mode", run the software, click Reset Main di Waste Ink Counter.

Service mode step;

  • Open the printer cover
  • Push and Hold Power button
  • Plug in Power cable
  • Close printer Cover
  • Release Power button
  • Push Power Button
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C110, CX7300, CX8300 & CX9300F Adjustment Program

We were able to test the C110 reseter with an actual printer and it's working. All others were not tested with an actual printer but the good news is, the program itself is working even without the printer unlike other copies that are circulating in the net in which we are stuck in particular mode.

Epson C110 Adjustment

Epson CX7300 Adjustment

Epson CX8300 Adjustment

Epson CX9300F Adjustment

Glad to have your comments below...!!
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